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Performance in Sports

Neurofeedback, biofeedback and Eye Movement Integration (EMI) are used by many top athletes to enhance their performance at several levels. Here is an overview of type of interventions we provide for our athletes:

Improve reaction times

When we train the brain using neurofeedback, it becomes more effective. In athletes we use the “Sleep-2-peak” application developed by Dr. Marc Therrien, a neurologist, to measure the speed at which the brain perceives visual information and controls a physiological reaction. In some athletes we have trained in neurofeeback, we noted an improvement in reaction times of over 30%. In other words, the athlete had become 30% faster to react!

Performance - Neuroperforma

Increase the concentration

In all sports, the ability to concentrate deeply and stay focused is crucial. Neurofeedback is used to train areas and networks of the brain that are responsible for attention and concentration. Thus the athlete will develop a greater ability to focus.

Decrease anxiety and improve sleep

Some athletes will present an anxiety brain profile (as illustrated). Too high an anxiety level will decrease performance because it will bring the athlete beyond his performance level. A higher stress level will also produce muscle tension, which, in turn, will have a negative influence on reaction times, coordination and movement accuracy. An anxious brain profile will also have the effect of reducing the quality of sleep and sometimes cause insomnia. Poor sleep in athletes can be catastrophic as it will also decrease the recovery capacity and concentration. Neurofeedback will then be used to calm hyperactive regions in brain. This will reduce or eliminate anxiety and improve sleep and overall performance.

Get quickly in the performance zone and stay there

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is one of biofeedback techniques we use to improve performance in athletes. This technique involves showing the athlete how to synchronize his breathing rate and his heart rate. When consistency is obtained, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and the physical and cognitive performance are improved. The reaction times become faster, the athlete has a better control over his emotions and his recovery is accelerated.


Erase bad memories

Each athlete will go through difficult times. Whether it is a major defeat, an accident or something that will affect his confidence, it becomes very important to “delete” the brain emotional response to the event so that it will not affect performance. In such cases we use the Eye Movement Integration technique (EMI). This powerful technique has several advantages.

  • Deprogramming is done in one session (1h00 to 1h30)
  • Following the session, the athlete will have deleted the negative emotions related to the event
  • He will remember the event but in a detached way
  • The athlete will then progress faster in his sport having “liberated his consciousness”
  • The results are known to be permanent

The assessment done by Neuroperforma does not consist of a medical diagnosis. Our work is complementary to the evaluation and treatment provided by your healthcare professional.

The services offered by Neuroperforma are reimbursed by several insurance companies. Contact us for more details!