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Here are 6 information contents with the power to transform your quality of life!

Given in the form of lectures (about an hour) or workshops combining theory and practice (approximately 3 hours), you will draw to a pioneering wealth of information that will help you rebuild your brain to develop your energy and all your mental abilities!

And for those who wish to go further, Neuroperforma clinics provide comprehensive assessments of your own brain function as well as custom optimization programs. Treatment (attention disorders, sleep or memory disorders, anxiety, depression …), prevention and performance … at your fingertips!

Neuroperformance Within Arm’s Reach

You would like to feel quick-witted, serene, focused and creative … even after long hours of work? You want to know how your brain works and what you must do to achieve this state of neuroperformance? Then this conference is for you! By optimizing your brain functions, you allow your entire body to better withstand stress and fully recover in record time.

The profits to be gained: The fundamental knowledge on the functioning of the brain and what it needs to perform well; identification of key simple habits that you can incorporate into your daily life in order to become more neuroperformant each day; specific exercise program, targeted maintenance thoughts, nutritional choices, sleep optimization and more.

Depression or Burnout Prevention in your Team

You are the manager and know that it is possible for you to reduce absences for mental health causes? Are you interested in welfare and the working environment within your team? During this training, Francine Therrien discusses the signs that can help you detect the early days of a psychological distress process. She will present on the progressive spiral whereby the neurophysiological mechanisms involved in burnout and depression literally change the brain and its physiology. You’ll be better able to understand behaviors and their resulting signs. Finally, you will understand the importance of stopping this vicious circle as quickly as possible and you will know how to get there. Your whole team will be better!

The profits to be gained: The ability to detect early signs of absence for mental health disorder, to respond quickly and effectively, to offer brain healthy lifestyle and mental habits, refer to treatments best suited to the situation, and a better understanding of effective treatments.

First Aid Kit for Mental Health

Your work or your personal life are too stressful? You have less enthusiasm, a lower level of energy and a weaker desire to move forward? You think this is normal with advancing age? Think again and regain the contol of your capacities, your motivation and your efficiency! There are specific techniques that help reduce the stress experienced by your body and your brain. When working at these two levels, we amplify our ability to handle stress and recover more quickly and efficiently!

The profits to be gained: An awareness of the importance of stress as a trigger of many physical and psychological health problems; the learning of a variety of lifestyle and thinking habits, as well as efficient techniques to significantly reduce biological and psychological stress. The tools will be useful for you and those you love!

I need to Sleep

You are struggling with sleep disorders? You feel your energy drowning in a sleep debt that continues to grow? This conference will give you energy! Francine Therrien teaches you the biological mechanisms of sleep, its role in the human organism, its benefits as well as methods for its optimization. You will realize that the knowledge in this area is impressive and that it is translated into a set of simple actions easy to practice. Your health, your mood and your work capacity will be transformed!

The profits to be gained: Greater respect for your need to sleep well and in sufficient quantity. And you will finally know what to do to enjoy an efficient and restful sleep!

If you are having jet lag or work at night, you must understand the fundamentals of sleep and especially how to set your body clock to the night cycle. It’s easy when you understand the brain’s language! To date, Francine Therrien has established neuroperformance programs in several multinational companies to increase the efficiency of their travelers, managers and night workers.

The profits to be gained : An understanding of how the sleep-wake clock works, better control techniques that help you change your biological c

Brain Healthy Nutrition: Important Food and Natural Products

When your brain and your body have in hand all the necessary elements to function well, they feel better, perform better and you are happier! Nutrition is an access key to the state of neuroperformance. Whether to increase the level of concentration or energy, improve mood and sleep quality, science shows us that nutrition makes a difference.

The food guide serves as a reference throughout the country. But to have a powerful brain, diet analysis has to be performed according to more extensive parameters. In her lecture, Francine Therrien will offer nutritional plans that go beyond usual dietary recommendations. Based on an exhaustive search of the scientific literature, they aim to stimulate important mechanisms that are specific to neurons and other brain structures.

The profits to be gained: A thorough understanding of the key concepts of brain healthy nutrition, as well as the awareness of the truth behind the old saying “you are what you eat!” You will be proposed practical suggestions for simple, fast and efficient healthy nutrition!

Neuroperformance to Counter Disability in the Workplace

This workshop allows synthesis, in the format of a half day or a full day session to capture the essence of neuroperformance concepts, as well as their application to three areas of organizational interventions:

  •  Effective prevention of mental health problems within the organization
  •  Optimization of the mental health and of the effectiveness of employees
  •  Integrative, effective and sustainable treatment of mental health disorders

The duration and the extent of various subjects forming the content of the training will be adapted to meet the specific needs of the community addressed by this workshop. Thus, the details of content, the number of exercises and the number of intervention tools presented will vary accordingly.

The profits to be gained:

  •  A new vision of psychological health based on the health and the efficiency of the brain
  •  A better understanding of mental health disorders and mental inefficiencies based on specific dysfunctions of certain brain regions (areas of hypo and hyperactivity of the brain)
  •  a better understanding of individual and organizational factors predisposing to these conditions
  •  The ability to detect these disorders or these underdevelopments
  •  A better understanding of the impact of stress, relationships and work environment, as well as of other lifestyle and thinking habits on the proper functioning of the brain
HERE ARE THE Testimonials of our customers
On behalf of the Directorate of Ethics and support to employees of the Border Services Agency of Canada, I would like to thank Dr. Francine Therrien for the high caliber lecture she presented at our annual meeting on February 9, 2011. Comments reflected the quality of the conference entitled “Strategies for optimizing mental health and brain performance”, which was unanimously considered a huge success. We have rarely seen such enthusiasm, interest and appreciation from an audience. Doctor Therrien, in her capacity as a dynamic and first notch speaker, presented innovative strategies based on proven evidence, at the confluence of the various health sciences. She captivated her audience by providing levers for change that can make a difference in every day life. In a nutshell, the conference proved to be a real spark for our team.
Stuart MacPherson
Senior ft. of ethics and support for employees
General Directorate of Human Resources
Border Services Agency of Canada
I had on two occasions the opportunity to hear the lecture by Dr. Francine Therrien: once as part of our association meeting, the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors (CACD), and another time in a public lecture, and each time I was impressed by her knowledge, her energy, her professionalism and her ability to communicate her knowledge. Her talk is lively, interactive, and it makes us think seriously about our way of life! Ms. Therrien brings a whole new vision of our mental and physical faculties, and treats us with the latest discoveries, while also suggesting ways to incorporate changes and improvements into our daily lives.
I sincerely believe that this is a gift that one gives to oneself by attending this lecture, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand and improve not only their brain capacity, but also their physical health, and lead a better life! You’ll love it!
Lise Descoteaux, Director, Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Unipex Solutions Canada Inc.
President of the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors, Quebec Region.
« The Longueuil Service Centre personnel were fortunate to attend the lecture Well in your head, at best on the job.
People are increasingly aware of their individual responsibility for staying healthy. Fear of aging, lack of resources in the health community may have accelerated this concern. Ms. Therrien’s lecture exactly meets this need. Her audio-visual presentation is interesting; she has an excellent command of the subject and easily makes knowledge accessible. Never making us feel guilty, she offers suggestions to improve our fitness, our way of eating; she presents the risks of diseases associated with bad habits. Our staff really enjoyed the meeting and the availability of Ms. Therrien to answer their questions. We recommend this lecture to all: a step towards health and longevity. »
Carmel Arbour, Director. Longueuil Service Centre, Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity
«We had the privilege of attending the lecture ” Well in your head, at best on the job”. Our work team enjoyed it. Ms. Therrien presented the contents in a very dynamic way, which led to captivate us and create changes in our lifestyles.»
Norman Lévesque, Collection Officer, Government of Quebec
Jocelyne Monty is a former Chair of the Board of Directors of the Mental Illness Foundation and president of the Foundation Libermont. Her work for the cause of mental illness has won her several awards. She was made a Member of the Academy of Great Montrealers and is the recipient of the Jacques Voyer Humanism Award of the Association of Psychiatrists of Quebec (AMPQ). She was also the recipient of the National Champion of Mental Health award (the Alliance mental Illness and Mental Health) and of the philanthropic Merit Mercuriades 2008 of the Quebec Federation of chambers of Commerce, to name a few.
Jocelyne Monty

Reference Letter – Jocelyne Monty

Our brain can sometimes play tricks on us … but it can also make us gifts. The approach used by Neuroperforma brings hope because it reveals that the brain can enhance its capabilities and heal itself, and that, through methods accessible to all.

All of us can benefit from the proposed methods because they can be used to treat or prevent certain mental health problems, but also to maximize the capabilities of the brain and therefore our most valuable human capabilities.

I have a great concern for the cause of mental illness. It has indiscriminately afflicted babies, children, teenagers, women and men of all languages, all races, all social circles for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Despite the knowledge of these facts, despite the breakthrough of information on the topic, today is still today plenty of shame and stigma attached to mental illness. These are present in people who suffer, as well as in the eyes of healthy people.

It is even said that the stigma is stronger for sick persons, because it can lead to a low opinion of themselves. But this attitude is largely influenced by the looks and negative comments towards them. In front of their impotence, they have learned to be silent, to close in on themselves and isolate themselves, so that their life seems still more painful.

Many sick people identify themselves with their disease, while in fact they are momentarily suffering individuals, who, on the other hand, are unique with their talents and knowledge, worthy of love and respect.

The first time I met Francine Therrien, I was impressed by her passion for the cause of mental illness and sincere empathy for those who suffer. I would say that this passion and empathy led her to develop new approaches for both the treatment of mental illness and the optimization of our brain capacity.

Francine presents an “active medicine”, an approach where the customer takes himself in hand with the help of the “coaching” of Francine and of her team. The customer takes concrete steps for his remission or mental discounting, with solutions that deliver results and hopes by promoting love and self-respect.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think that to change our understanding of mental illness and our approach towards people suffering from mental health disorders, it takes the whole world and all of us, starting with people like Francine Therrien.

Let us start by treating our patients with as much respect as their illnesses deserve, with empathy for their great suffering, admiration for their efforts to heal themselves. Not to mention love, for that is the treatment of choice for all of us, sick or not!

For those of us who feel fragile, let us try applying the methods presented in the book “Rebuild Your Brain” in order not to have to live all the torments arising from a brain too much deteriorated by the stress of life.

And for those who enjoy a good psychological health, the application of the methods proposed in this book can only enhance your abilities to make your life and the world better.

If everyone took advantage of this humane and effective approach to develop one’s mental potential, when suffering or not from a mental health disorder, we could bring our significant contribution to improving the world we live in, a better brain at a the time.

Jocelyne Monty

The services offered are reimbursed by several insurance companies.
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