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Our mission

Every enterprise has a very distinct mission

To improve the lives of as many people as possible. At Neuroperforma, whether it be in our decision-making or in our actions, you will always be placed first in the forefront. We are passionate about your well-being, especially what goes on in your brain.

The brain is very complex. It has great strengths, but may also have great weaknesses. Today, it is possible to use technology to help us. Neurofeedback allows the brain to relearn with the help of positive conditioning, to bring it back to its closest norm. It conditions the hyperactive zones to quiet down and reverse those ineffective to activate naturally. This technique represents no danger, is pain free and non-invasive.


Why use Neurofeedback rather than another method? Because, although still unknown in Quebec, Neurofeedback has been scientifically proven for many years. Progress in this field is major. The results continually impress and improve each year. In addition, it makes it possible to reach a larger population in both adults and children. The improvements we see concretely in the daily lives of our clients are what allows us to continually move forward. We want to make a difference for one person, for one family, for all. We are convinced that everyone would benefit from doing Neurofeedback.

Depending on what you want to improve, we can help you take action and accelerate the process. Several mechanisms in the brain may prevent us from performing well or leading a quiet life. For some, it can be physiological, for others, significant events that have had a negative impact. Even if at times there seems to be problematic tendencies, we all have distinct pathways. That’s why we evaluate each case independently. Every brain is unique and we need to train specific areas for each issue. In a world where everything moves fast, where performance is almost mandatory, we may happen to fall, crack, or lose a certain part or ability. That’s why we are here. We can allow you to go back up that slope faster, find yourself or find the person you love. We can help you reach your goals and even surpass them.

What’s important is to have confidence, and we have confidence in what we do!

Any improvement, as small as it might be, is a step towards a better future and a more peaceful life. Find your balance!

Your Neuroperforma team
The services offered are reimbursed by several insurance companies.
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