Covid-19 – To ensure the safety of all, our staff and customers must wear masks at all times. Plexiglass has been installed in several areas. The rooms and common areas are disinfected between each session and clients who are symptomatic or have been in contact with a symptomatic person will not be admitted. These measures have been put in place to serve you well and safely!

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Neurofeedback Clinics

The only clinic in Quebec to do brain training using the latest generation of Neurofeedback equipments with 19 electrodes.

What is Neurofeedback?

During the electroencephalographic quantitative evaluation (EEG), the medical electrophysiology technologist affixes a helmet equipped with 19 electrodes on the head. To promote a good conduction of the electrical activity of your brain towards the helmet electrodes, a conductive gel (solution based on water and salt) is applied on each of the electrodes. When recording the EEG, the electrodes placed on your scalp transmit the information to a computer program, which allows to visualize in real time the electric waves generated by the brain.

The EEG evaluation measures the amplitude of the electrical activity of the brain. An analysis is then performed by the technologist to compare the recorded activity with a normative database. This makes it possible to compare the electrical activity of the brain regions and to identify those that have a deviating activity from the norm.

The technique of Neurofeedback would allow the brain to learn how to restore the functioning of underperforming regions. When the brain generates the desired electrical activity, a sound or visual reward is awarded. When viewing the video or listening to music, if the electrical activity emitted by the brain changes and is no longer optimal, the movie or music stops for a few seconds and resumes when the desired activity is again produced unconsciously by the brain. The optimization of the neuro-electrical functioning of the brain by Neurofeedback would, most of the time, make it possible to remedy in part or in total the cognitive difficulties underlying the regions which are altered.



Neurofeedback is classified as a level 5 treatment for attention deficit disorder, the highest level of effectiveness.
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Anxiety Disorders

Now recognized as an effective treatment (level 4), neurofeedback is an approach that can bring lasting improvements for anxiety disorders.
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Major Depression

Classified as a level 4 treatment, neurofeedback is an effective approach against major depression.
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Neurofeedback could make the following improvements:
Sociability: 33%
Language and communication: 29%
Cognitive and sensory awareness: 17%.
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Going from “non-functional” to World Champion in 6 months is what happened!
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Post-traumatic stress disorder

Neurofeedback has been shown to reduce symptoms and reduce relapse by 80%.
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Chronic pain

My pain went down by 75% after 20 neurofeedback sessions. Rosa R.
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Reversing the trend and regain some capabilities, it is possible!
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Peak Performance

Going from an 11th position among amateurs in motorcycle racing to a 3rd position among professionals in just one year is what this athlete experienced!
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Cognitive skills

Neurofeedback increases the Intellectual Quotient by 9 to 12 points.
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Sleep Disorders (Insomnia)

Neurofeedback can significantly reduce insomnia symtpoms.
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OCD or Eating Disorders

Neurofeedback could reduce the symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) by 89%.
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The services offered are reimbursed by several insurance companies.
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MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JANUARY 20: Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France pose in the Ice Dance medal ceremony during day four of the European Figure Skating Championships at Megasport Arena on January 20, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Joosep Martinson - ISU/ISU via Getty Images)
Gabrielle Papadakis
World Figure Skating Champion

I feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to be treated at the Neuroperforma Clinic without whom I would never have recovered from my concussion as quickly!

Samuel Trépanier
Professional Superbike Driver

I have driven motorcycles “Superbike” professionally since 2016. After having followed the training sessions with the Neuroperforma team, I broke a track record, held at that moment, by a world-class driver!

Nothing is random in my performances and I say a big THANK YOU to Neuroperforma!


We noticed a significant improvement of anxiety in our son. We have a better understanding in the way we communicate. He feels less angry and stressed than before. Therefore, he feels much better in class


I noticed a difference in work related stress and sleep. The fact that I am less stressed means that I am calmer in situations where I would normally be more stressed and anxious


I see significant improvement! More in the present, less focusing on the past or future. I have less worries of what people will think of me.


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