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Rock Therrien, eng. distinguished himself throughout his career by his tenacity, ingenuity and passion for success. His achievements and involvement have earned him the Cana Grand Prize for Technological Innovation, a second place in Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest as well as being nominated for Young Business Personality of Quebec.

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Just after completing his bachelor degree in engineering, he was given responsibility for the design, construction and startup of the company Unifix USA, in Jacksonville, Florida. Once the plant was in operation, he was hired as the engineering director at SiliCycle where he developed an expertise in pharmaceutical processes.

In 1999, with a chemist colleague, he founded Matrix Innovation Inc., where he served as president. The company developped new hyper efficient products used in drug development. Then he organized a transaction to sell an exclusive license to manufacture and market the technology to the French pharmaceutical company PCAS. Once the transaction was completed, he was invited to serve on the board of directors of a new division of PCAS, PCAS BioMatrix.

With his passion for performance, Mr. Therrien was always accomplice in the projects of his sister Francine (Ph.D. in Clinical Sciences) and his brother Marc (neurologist). He then decided to bring his management experience in the development and growth Neuroperforma where he now works as the president.

By his free time, Mr. Therrien has a passion for water sports. Former Canadian windsurfing Champion and coach of the Estrie sailing team, he simply describes his life by saying: Let’s ride the wave!

Clinic director

Speaker and author of the book “reConstruisez votre cerveau”, Francine Therrien , Ph.D., is passionate about brain health and performance.. She holds a PhD in Clinical Sciences, an Master degree in Global Health, a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physical Education, a naturopathic degree and a specialization in biofeedback and neurofeedback.

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Francine Therrien ‘s mission is to take the latest techniques of neuroperformance used by U.S. militaries and some Olympic athletes, and make them accessible to the public.

Having reviewed over 2000 scientific articles, Dr. Therrien has developed an integrative approach based on research done by NASA and the largest research centers in order to reach new heights in brain development and optimization.

Dr. Therrien has developed a training program that optimizes brain activity using in synergy physical exercises, sleep , nutrition, biofeedback and neurofeedback.

When you follow a training program at Neuroperforma, you learn the basics of how your brain works and what it needs to perform well. You will learn several techniques that have been developed to improve its performance and alertness. You learn how hyperactivity in certain regions of the brain causes concentration problems, anxiety and insomnia.

You will also learn why hypoactivity in specific brain regions leads to attention and memory deficits, concentration difficulties and even promotes depressive thoughts.

You will also learn techniques and habits that will allow you to regulate your brain activity and thus make your brain more efficient. You will improve the quality of your life and your level of well-being. You will become neuroperformant!


Dr. Martel is responsible of the Sherbrooke clinic. She holds a Ph.D. in engineering, a master degree in kinanthropology, a bachelor degree in kinesiology with a specialty in sports coaching and a certification course in neurofeedback.

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It is her passion for a healthy life that has led Dr. Martel to specialize in understanding the musculoskeletal system in terms of performance, injury prevention and treatment. After reading Dr. Francine Therrien’s book “Re-Build Your Brain”, Dr. Martel discovered a new passion and decided to expand her knowledge and follow her neurofeedback certification course.

Coach and mediator

Normand Leduc has over twenty years of experience in human resources management and operations. He has to his credit rich and varied experiences from different sectors. He graduated from the University of Sherbrooke in human resource management as well as prevention and settlement of disputes. He is a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines and is an accredited mediator at the Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec.

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At Neuroperforma Normand works as a management coach where he accompanies clients in developing their skills, conflict resolution, decision making and management change. In addition, he directs the reintegration component by reinforcing the relationship between the employer and the employee(s) and fostering a successful return to work climate and environment.

His approach is based on trust and the quality of the relationship is at the heart of his successful interventions approach. His teaching skills lead people to adapt to situations and to see changes as an opportunity for development.

The services offered by Neuroperforma are reimbursed by several insurance companies. Contact us for more details!