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Eye Movement Integration (EMI)

Integration through eye movements is a therapeutic technique where the client, guided by the psychologist, makes movements with the eyes in order to reduce the symptoms of psychological trauma and the resulting blockages. This technique is also effective in reducing phobias or triggers of emotional reactions.

EMI is often used to “deprogram” negative associations or emotions linked to past events, phobias or fears. Although the psychologist must understand the context, the individuals do not have to recount the event in detail or immerse themselves in the context of the events that occurred, as in the case of psychotherapy. While the psychologist repeats sentences related to the event or context, moving the eyes in specific directions will allow the brain to integrate the information and “break associations”.

Usually, 1 to 3 EMI sessions will be sufficient. The duration of the sessions is 60 to 90 minutes depending on the case.

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