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Josélito et Antoine Michaud décrivent leur expérience chez Neuroperforma.
La championne du monde de patinage artistique, Gabriella Papadakis, parle de sa réadaptation chez Neuroperforma suite à une commotion cérébrale.
Samuel Trépanier, pilote professionnel parle de son expérience de la Neurofeedback sur sa concentration chez Neuroperforma.
« My son is so much less impulsive at school and at home.  »
« We noticed a significant improvement of anxiety in our son. We have a better understanding in the way we communicate. He feels less angry and stressed than before. Therefore, he feels much better in class. »
« I am so less stressed. I am more focused, less tired mentally. I recommend to everyone these trainings! »
« I noticed a decrease in stress in Lea at night before her bedtime. Less waking up time and better sleep quality. »
« Better concentration. More focused and easier to perform multi-tasks. I am also more patient and have more control over my mood. »
« I see significant improvement! More in the present, less focusing on the past or future. I have less worries of what people will think of me. »
« I see a high decrease in my anxiety and depressive states. I experience less panic attacks. Since I stopped using anxiolytic, I have better control, more calm in stressful situations. »
« My child is now capable of remaining calm and is able to read a book with an average concentration. He is calmer, makes better choices and his apprenticeship is easier. »
« I am able to recuperate easier and have more energy during my day. »
« Better sleep and diminished anxiety! Happier! I highly recommend to anyone living with anxiety. »
« Teachers observed that my child was smarter and more involved in class. His anxiety seemed to also have diminished. »
« I am more concentrated and less anxious »
« I could feel significant decreases in my symptoms. I am more alert and thinking about returning to school after my training is completed »
« I sleep better. Am more calm, more patient and a higher attention span. My anxiety is better controlled! »
« I noticed a difference in work related stress and sleep. The fact that I am less stressed means that I am calmer in situations where I would normally be more stressed and anxious »
« According to my spouse and my children, I am less tired, take less time in searching for my words and have better concentration. »
« Better processing of information in school without a doubt. »
« I noticed that in school, I have less nervousness and I am more focused. My level of anxiety has improved »
« Our child has improved their level of concentration and is more attentive. »
« Much more attentive! »
« Academic efforts are more present in our daughter at the rational level, in school as well as at home. »
« The behavior of our son changes more and more for the better. He falls asleep faster and no longer makes crises. »
Isabelle 2
« I feel more concentrated at work. I am better organized. I feel more concentrated in what I do, therefore easier to multi-task. »
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