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March 24, 2015 – Neuroperforma brain performance experts attended Sportel America in Miami

Montreal, Canada (March 24, 2015) – Neuroperforma brain performance experts Dr. Francine Therrien, Dr. Marc Therrien and Mr. Rock Therrien, generated amazing interests at SPORTEL AMERICA in downtown Miami last week. They made the trip from Canada and met with legends Lennox Lewis and “Raging Bull” Jake La Motta as well as equestrian superstars from the new FEI World Cup, lady Beezie Madden and Hannah Selleck and members from the NFL.

Famous decision makers in the sports industry as well as Laurent Puons, CEO of SPORTEL MONACO MEDIAX, were enthused to meet and discuss with brain performance experts that actually use advanced neurofeedback techniques, in synergy with other scientific breakthroughs, to enhance brain activity and reactivate certain brain circuits that may have been damaged as a result of traumatic brain injuries. Concussed and healthy athletes will immensely benefit from their training programs to enhance their performance and to recover.

Interviewed on site, neurologist Dr. Marc Therrien explained the latest technological advancements in the field: “With the latest quantified electroencephalography technologies, we are now able to see with great precision the changes in cerebral activity following a head impact. We are in fact capable of establishing links between symptoms and areas of the brain that were affected, whether it is loss of memory, emotional instability or concentration and attention problems, among others. But the best news is that we can now re-establish cerebral activity with our neurofeedback training techniques, and do it much faster with synergistic techniques. And the more we reactivate and reconnect the brain in specific areas, the more the symptoms disappear and the performance improves. A large study is now conducted with colleagues of ours within the American army and so far, neurofeedback trainings bring benefits never seen before in soldiers suffering from traumatic head injuries”.

The presence of Neuroperforma at SPORTEL AMERICA was made possible by Alexandre Choko, author and publisher of The Future of Boxing book, who was recently at SPORTEL Monaco with iconic Mike Tyson. Choko, a former fighter himself, has been training with Neuroperforma and experiencing great results.

Everybody were enthused to realize that effective treatments exist for athletes that suffered traumatic brain injuries or simply want to enhanced their mental edge using Neurperforma techniques.

About Neuroperforma

Neuroperforma is a leader in brain performance and concussion treatment. Neuroperforma uses the most advanced brain analysis and brain training technologies, in synergy with the latest scientific breakthroughs. They attract professional athletes from all over the world, as well as business leaders and mental champions like poker players, to name but a few. The neuroperforma team includes neurologists, neuropsychologists, cutting-edge researchers, sports psychologists and other performance specialists, working together to develop individualized brain performance and recovery plan.

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