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Neuroperforma specializes in brain training in order to increase performance and reduce the effects of several pathologies.

The story of Neuroperforma

Neuroperforma is the only clinic in Quebec to do brain training using the latest generation of neurofeedback equipments with 19 electrodes. These equipments allow to regulate deeper areas of the brain, train hundreds of parameters simultaneously and reduce the number of sessions required by more than one half. They also allow restoring the communication between different brain regions, which older systems can not accomplish.

A family story

Long before the opening of the first clinic, the brain was already a common topic of interest among the Therrien family. The father, René Therrien, Ph.D., professor at the University of Ottawa and later at the University of Sherbrooke had completed several research projects on head impacts, including his doctoral thesis in biomechanics on the topic of head protection in ice hockey. With two colleagues of the University of Ottawa, they developed the first certified hockey helmet in 1973.

Francine Therrien, Ph.D. the oldest of the three children, co-founder at Neuroperforma, holds a Ph.D in Clinical Sciences, a Masters degree in Global Health, a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education, a naturopathy certificate and a specialization in biofeedback and neurofeedback. Ms. Therrien is also a speaker and author of the book “Rebuild your brain”. Practicing biofeedback and neurofeedback since 2000, she inaugurated the first Neuroperforma clinic with her younger brother Rock.

Marc Therrien, MD, FRCPC, neurologist, is the second child of the family. It was during his fellowship in epilepsy and EEG at the Montreal Neurological Institute that he discovered neurofeedback and acquired the skills necessary for reading and interpreting brain activity profiles. As a renowned expert in sleep medicine and brain optimization, he then completed his neurofeedback specialization course. Much involved in several social and community projects, Dr. Therrien practices medicine in Gatineau.

Rock, the youngest child of the family completed his studies in Health Sciences before obtaining a bachelor degree in engineering. During his career, he became president and co-owner of a pharmaceutical company for 13 years. Then, due to his growing interest for brain optimization, he followed his training in neurofeedback with Dr. Michael Thompson, a psychiatrist and former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. As a former Canadian windsurfing champion and former coach of the Estrie sailing and windsurfing team, he developed an understanding for high-level competition requirements. This experience was a great help in “brain training” several professional and Olympic athletes like Gabriella Papadakis (world figure skating champion), Lucian Bute (former world boxing champion), as well as many of world-class athletes in various sports.

At family gatherings at Therrien’s, you can be sure that the discussion topics are very exciting!

The services offered by Neuroperforma are reimbursed by several insurance companies. Contact us for more details!